Process Serving

You cannot proceed without serving papers. Andrew Crown Investigations delivers, every time.

When people are being served with legal documents, they have a tendency to make themselves hard to find.

This can make process serving a time consuming, expensive task, particularly when being carried out by inexperienced people from throughout the legal arena.

Andrew Crown Investigations brings extensive experience in process serving in the London area and beyond for high profile legal firms.

London Process Serving with Persistence and Professionalism

Successful process serving means repeated attempts to deliver legal papers, in and out of working hours, day and night. It can also mean working across different locations to find an individual where they have no choice but to accept.

Our enquiry team combines specialist knowledge with identified and vetted intelligence, allowing us to find people swiftly and reach them to deliver papers.

But we also balance our persistence and unwillingness to fail against a sense of professionalism and awareness of how process serving should work.

We successfully deliver legal papers to wherever they need to be, leaving you to focus on the rest of the legal process.

Make better decisions based on better information. Contact our investigations team online or call 0203 397 8613.

What We Do

Andrew Crown Investigations is a private investigation agency based in the City of London. Because our investigations are launched from the place where things are happening, we are able to reach the information you need quickly, efficiently and ethically. We are experienced, accountable and trusted by many of the top firms in London - and even more private individuals throughout the UK.

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How It's Done

We provide several key private investigation services, from technical and traditional surveillance to process serving and people/asset tracing. Every service is delivered using the high level expertise of our investigations team and the talent of our Investigators. And because a Senior Investigator oversees each case, we guarantee the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

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Whatever the nature of your case, trust Andrew Crown Investigations to provide professional and practical support. Even if this is the first time you’ve considered using an Investigator, we’ll make it easy. Contact us now for an informal chat about your case, advice on choosing the right investigation service, or just more information on how we can help you get the answers you’re looking for.

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